Photomadic is a free standing, digital photo booth that lets users take and upload as many pictures and gifs as they want.

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How Does It Work?

There are three sides. One for taking pictures, and two for uploading pictures.
All three sides can be used at the same time.

Interactive Photo Booth

Take some pictures. Take lots of pictures!

There are no rules or steps to follow. You just touch the screen to start the countdown and pose away. It’s like a giant selfie machine!


Upload instantly to social media.

The pictures are instantly sent to the built-in iPads. You simply swipe through, choose your favorites, and upload them to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

Modern Design With Two Uploading Stations

We re-thought what a photo booth should look like, and how it should operate in the digital world. By having two built-in iPads specifically for uploading, Photomadic allows users to take photos from the front while others are uploading their photos on the sides. The unique design reduces lines, increases usage, and creates an electric atmosphere.



Choose Your Style!

Standard Booth

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Paparazzi Booth

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Gif Booth

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Customize Everything

Make a statement with our customization options including kiosk wraps, back drops and more.

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You plan the event. We’ll bring the fun.

It’s All In The Details

Happy Clients

clients of photomadic

"I love Photomadic! An interactive event element, and completely relevant to our customers!"

− Colby Krueger | Nordstrom Marketing

"Photomadic has been so awesome to work with over the past year! They were a huge hit at our Uber Dallas 1 Year Anniversary party and have helped out with several other events - even at the 11th hour. Their team is super friendly and responsive and the new features on the machines are the icing on the cake to make a good event great."

− Nicole Tremblay | Uber Marketing

"We loved working with Photomadic and their team. The service was spectacular, the team was professional and best of all everyone had a blast taking their pictures…multiple times!"

− Yosi Samra | Owner of Yosi Samra

"Photomadic is a great addition to any party or event. They are professional, cost effective and most importantly everyone at my event loved the booth! They thought it was fun, unique and said we should have it at every party!"

− Jeri Johnson | Microsoft