View Leads, Photos,
Impressions and Shares

photomadic dashboard

Track Performance

As Wave or Roam is being used, shares, impressions and more will be synced to the Dashboard in real time.

Capture Leads

All the captured leads will instantly be logged on the Dashboard. You can filter and export the list.

Real Time Gallery

All media will appear in your gallery instantly. Play a slideshow or download photos at any time.

Configure Your Experience

An Experience is like a campaign. It’s where you add social messaging, artwork, branding, lead forms, email template, legal copy, and even which sharing options you want to offer. Roam and Wave will get all its settings from the Experience that you create and you can push out changes in real time!

photomadic dashboard


Customize overlays, filters, and email templates. Push updates instantly.


View the status and usage of all your devices running Photomadic apps.

Lead Capture

Enable lead capture and configure your legal opt-in messaging.


Invited unlimited view-only collaborators to any Experience.


Configure sharing options and pre-populated messages for social, SMS and email.


Enable and configure terms of service language that users must agree to.