Celebrating the 5K Finish

The Dallas Mavericks have worked with Photomadic for three years at their annual 5k race. The first two years they used our Hype booth, and in 2016 they were excited to try out our new product, Wave.

‘‘The Photomadic Wave was a fantastic product for The Mavs Run this Town 5K. The booth provided an active, unique, and engaging element to our event. Most importantly, it allowed our runners to capture and share memories in a format not typically seen at 5K races.’’

Race Director, Ryan Rosenbaum


The Mavs corporate team sold Wave to a sponsor due to the extended customization options provided by Photomadic. Messaging and branding from the sponsor, Baylor Medical, was positioned throughout the user experience including gif branding, email template, web gallery, and social messages.

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