Real Time Analytic Software

All of our solutions are integrated into our photo marketing platform. Simply login to your dashboard to manage your settings and get real time insights into the visual conversation around your experience.

Our software enables you the flexibility of organizing online media shared uniquely from each activation. The data gathered by our cloud management based software can be organized a variety of ways to help your team connect with prospective customers and analyze trending content from experiences in real time.

Our Dashboard was designed with you in mind as it seamlessly pairs with our products and applications to provide real time data capture. With the flexibility to plan multiple activations, we are able to track the impact of each experience created to ensure that your team is receiving the most qualified leads and dynamic content to support ongoing campaigns. View products

Each experience created allows for fully customizable social tracking settings, branding, user experience, and content messaging. This all happens in real time, giving you and your team visibility and insights into performance, no matter where you are. Need to make an update to branding while the event is going on? Hop on the dashboard and edit the settings. It’s that easy.



Social Media Data Collection

Total Number of Photo Uploads