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Photomadic has been providing photo booth rentals and photography services to events and brand activations throughout the US for 6 years. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the largest brands, most creative agencies, and the most extraordinary events in the world. Throughout the thousands of events we executed, our mission was always to make authentic connections between brands and people through experiences. For many years we felt the best way to do this was through our photo booth rental services. As technology advanced and market needs evolved, we discovered a new way to achieve our mission at a much larger scale. After two years of development, testing, and field use – we’re incredibly excited to launch the Photomadic Platform.
What is the Photomadic Platform?

The vision and purpose behind our Platform is to let anyone in the world easily build and manage custom photo experiences. Our Platform consists of hardware, software and apps that work together seamlessly, letting you capture and store custom content, control the delivery, capture data and much more. Whether you’re using Wave as a photo check-in experience across multiple venues, or capturing unique moments from an experiential activation with Roam, Photomadic allows you to easily customize and manage the entire photo experience remotely, at any scale.

Photomadic was built to empower a wide variety of end to end photo solutions, and we are most excited to see how users will adopt the Platform to fit their needs. With 3rd party integrations, flexible features, and integrated hardware there are endless ways to customize the process of capturing, storing and delivering media. The platform will continually evolve through an integrated ecosystem of hardware, features, integrations, and apps, which will all be available on our Marketplace.

Wave and Roam are the first two products powered by the Photomadic Platform.


Easily own and manage photo booths remotely.


Cloud based photography for events and marketing.