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Custom photo experiences, no wires attached.

Branded photos, social sharing and lead capture.

Snap, share and sync.

Capture custom photos knowing that all media and data are automatically synced to the cloud in real time and accessible on any device.

Works on iPhone or iPad.

Snap high quality branded photos, share to social media, and capture user data for marketing.

DSLR Capture with Roam SD

(coming soon)

Use our Wifi SD card to sync your DSLR camera to Roam and power your professional photography with the cloud.

Built on the Photomadic Platform.

Take advantage of the features that are built into the Photomadic platform and manage Wave remotely from your account, at any scale.

Marketing data

Capture user data for marketing. Customize fields and disclaimers.

Performance analytics

Track the shares, photos and social impressions to help measure your ROI.

Remote management

Make changes to branding, messaging and settings at any scale without ever touching the photo booth.

Custom Branding

Customize the entire experience from artwork to delivery.

Live feed

Play a live slide show from any computer with internet.

Effective lead capture

Choose what data you’d like to capture, customize legal disclaimers and track performance in real time.

Enhance the experience

Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event or a group photo after an escape room, Roam lets you easily capture the unique experience with an equally unique branded photo.

See how others are using Roam.

Generate Social Buzz

This is Mission achieved 2,000 shared photos at four yoga festivals.

Event Photos

RewardStyle modernizes event photogrpahy with instant social sharing.

Capture Leads

Jeep engaged with thousands of festival attendants at Bonnaroo.

Ready to get started?

Contact sales and we’ll give you early access to our Beta version.

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