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Unleash The Potential of The Camera

When connected to the Photomadic platform, cameras are capable of so much more than just capturing moments.

From Startups to Global Brands, Photomadic is Trusted by The Best.

Amazing Products Run on Photomadic

We’re constantly exploring new ways to leverage cloud-connected cameras for business. Wave and Roam are the first two products in our growing ecosystem.

Marketing and Advertising

An interactive photo experience used for social marketing and data capture. Our growing network of installations in venues provides a unique advertising opportunity for brands and media buyers.

Events and Festivals

A modern photo app that can be white labeled for events, festivals, weddings and more. With a real-time shared gallery and data collection options, it’s a popular choice for event planners and agencies.

Mission Control for Camera Powered Solutions.

Take control of your cameras, smartphones and tablets in the field by connecting them to one easy-to-use management portal.

Connect Cameras

Sync cameras in the field to your online account using one of our iOS applications.

Modern and Flexible

Designed to make white label apps, or highly customized solutions a breeze.

Ready for Scale

Whether it’s 10 or 10,000 cameras, our technology was built to handle any scale.

Real Time Control

Make changes to settings or view data and photos from your account in real time.

Proudly made in Denver, Colorado

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